Olympic Style Training
Is Now Affordable

If you have limited space and lower ceilings, this is the powerlifting bundle for you. Our new compact squat rack provide everything you need for squatting, benching, and shoulder pressing, all in one convenient package. Our bundles feature different items from this list to accommodate you in your journey:

  • Chrome finished olympic barbell with 2 clamps and a 700 lbs capacity
  • Ascend branded bumper plates (pairs of 5, 10, 25 and 45 lbs)
  • Ascend Squat Rack with metal bar holders for bench pressing
  • Collapsible Squat Rack to save space
  • Adjustable bench with 6 different settings
  • 16x Heavy duty interlocking rubber tiles (1.5 cm thick) that cover 64 square foot

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