Olympic Style Training
Is Now Affordable

Olympic weight lifting is one of the best kind of trainings because heavy compound lifts such as squats, bench press and deadlift work your core and stabilization muscles on top of the major muscle groups. It is recommended to train in this fashion before working on isolation exercises. Our bundles feature different items from this list to accommodate you in your journey:

  • Chrome barbell with 2 clamps and a 700 lb capacity (45 lbs, 7 ft)
  • Currently comes with Ascend branded Bumper Plates
  • New Ascend power cage with a 800 lb capacity, ideal for squatting or bench pressing (Height: 211cm, Width: 165cm, Length: 125cm)
  • Adjustable bench with 6 different settings
  • 16x Heavy duty interlocking rubber tiles (Black with grey speckles - 8mm thick) that cover 64 sqft
  • *Set of 17 mm ratchet wrenches needed for proper assembly of the cage.

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