A new and Improved
Power Cage

Start lifting heavy right at home and stop wasting your time with bodyweight exercises. Our new & improved Ascend power rack will give you all the freedom you need to be safe while squatting heavy, bench pressing as much as you can and even deadlifting half the weight of your car. Work out with one of the first inventions that body builders used to stay safe while building up their own power and body.

  • 800 lbs capacity
  • Made out of reinforced steel
  • 30 holes to find the perfect height
  • Pull up bar with multi grip
  • Pair of J-Hooks included
  • Safety bar included
  • Width & Depth: 165cm x 125cm
  • Height: 211 cm
  • *Set of 17 mm ratchet wrenches needed for proper assembly of the cage.

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    Get Stronger
    Get Healthier
    Improve Mood
    Boost Immunity
    Sleep Easier
    Live Longer, Better

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